The Best Komodo Tour Packages & Tour to Komodo Island from Bali and Labuan Bajo

The following are the Policies and Conditions that must be known by our valued customers before using our services:

If you want to order our services, please send a message via our company email address, or contact a telephone number or WA.

After your message is received, we will send a confirmation while officially registering your reservation after we receive your deposit. We will also request your travel reservation data with us in the form of a full name, address, and KTP / Passport

25% Deposit, for the security of your tour booking with us, and for repayment will be completed the day before the tour begins.

And please inform us immediately after you have transferred to our Bank Account by including proof of your transaction. And we accept payments using Dollar, IDR, Credit Cards.

If you cancel a trip with us within 12 days, we will not deposit the deposit that has been transferred to our account, because we will also pay shipping fees for the tour components that we have prepared or that have been booked for your tour.

If you have already paid the remaining payment for the tour package to us, suddenly you will cancel your trip with us, while in this case, you have not used our facilities, then we will refund your funds by 50% of the total price.

If you have already paid the remaining payment for the tour package to us, suddenly you will cancel your trip, while in this case, you are already using our facilities, then we will investigate the cancellation problem before we will make a decision whether we will reverse some of the funds to you or not.

The items that need to be taken down during the trip are as follows: trekking shoes, anti-mosquito cream, long or short pants, headgear due to heat in the beach area, swimming clothes, towels, jackets due to cold in the mountains, creams to heat the sun, dark glasses , first aid drugs (just in case), cameras and video cameras, and other items considered important that are not mentioned here.

We will make every effort to provide the best service to you, but we ask that we do not give excessive hope for our services because Flores is a newly developed area in the field of Tourism. Facilities in the form of hotels, restaurants and other facilities in Flores are still very limited except in Labuanbajo we can choose hotels, good restaurants and tourist boats that have luxury phinisi standard on demand and your budget.

We will always do the best for customer satisfaction and happiness while using our services. We in this case act as a local Tourist Travel Bureau that only takes care of and provides facilities for your travel packages in the form of: accommodation, transportation, tour guide services / tour guides and other components included in our tour packages.

On the other hand, we are not responsible for loss, damage, delays, cancellations and changes to flight schedules or small and large accidents that cause death, natural disasters such as high winds, landslides, floods and other natural disasters beyond our control.

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